TIPS for your virtual events


Make sure that you have good internet connection and bandwidth.  If posible, connect eternet cable (RJ45) directly to the computer. If you are at home, check that no one else is streaming anything during your presentation.
We recommend that you do not speak directly into your computer's microphone, but instead use an external microphone or headphones. Update your computer's audio settings so that the input and output are through your headphones.
Make sure to always mute your microphone when you are not speaking and at the time you join the meeting. Try to isolate yourself and be aware of avoiding background sounds. Check your surroundings for other noises that may distract you or your audience.
Consider what you are wearing and what you want to show in the background. Ideally we are looking for a smooth background, some white or light wall. Take care of the lighting of the place, to avoid shadows on you. Before presenting, test how it appears on camera.
There is most likely a delay, so consider writing a question, before asking it out loud. This will give your virtual audience time to think and respond.
During the presentation, be sure to close unnecessary applications. Particularly those that send notifications such as, for example: Skype, WhatsApp, Google Calendar.

Adjust your laptop or webcam so that your head and shoulders take up most of the frame. Be careful not to cut the top of your head.
No matter what is happening on the screen, be sure to look directly into the camera, as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

• Prepare your presentation ahead of time to send if requested.
• It is essential to take care of the quality of audiovisual material. We request that you avoid excess text in your presentations, use a font size of no less than 15pts, in horizontal orientation with 16: 9 size.
• If you plan to show a video, please send the link in advance.
• Compliance with the established times contributes directly to the success of the congress, for which we ask that you be punctual at the beginning and end of your participation.
• If you are sharing your screen, make sure you only have the files you want to display open and ready.
• It is important that you participate in the dress rehearsal scheduled days before Congress to verify details.
• Connect to the link assigned for your session, 10 minutes in advance.
• If necessary, record and save your dissertation in video format with * .mp4 or * .mov extension for easy sending, horizontally and in 16:9 size. Remember to say “next” out loud each time it is necessary to move on to the next slide so your presentation can be reconciled with your recording.
Remember the recommendations above as your dissertation will be available online for many others to see for some time!
• Plan the sesión and contact the speakers in advance to inform the dynamics of it.
• You will be in charge of starting the activity, indicating the importance of the topic and presenting the speaker(s), you can find speakers CV son the website at the Programmee Online.
• Remember to thank the speaker for their participation at the end of their presentation.
• If any of the speakers go offline, you should keep your attention solely on keeping the audience active. A representative of Grupo Elis will provide technical support by contacting the speaker to reestablish communication as soon as possible.
• During the space for questions, the moderator / coordinator of the same will be the one who collects and designates who will answer them. Questions will be received in writing through a special access that will be provided previously with your instructions for use.
Running a virtual session is not as simple as it sounds, but it is not impossible!
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.